Dokuz Sekiz Bellydance Ojai

Each class is 75 mins & includes
a complete Mind-Body Practice

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Turkish Roman (Gypsy) Bellydance
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Natasya Katsikaris

Natasya Katsikaris is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Yoga Teacher, and FCBD / ATS Bellydance Instructor.  She has danced professionally in numerous Greek and Moroccan restaurants, theatrical productions, and cultural festivals throughout California.  She produced Ojai Bellydance Festival, 1999 Tribal Days, Equinox Bellydance Festival, and numerous other events.  Her specialty is Greek, Turkish, Balkan, and Gypsy (Roman & Ciganski) folkloric styles.  She is director of Dokuz Sekiz Dance Company.

performance & teaching credits

Ventura County Star- Shimmy Sensation Video of 2008 Ojai Class
Ojai BellyDance Festival (founder and co-producer) 2008 - 2015
Ventura Bellydance Festival (Founder & producer) 2001-2004
Equinox Tribal Bellydance Festival (founder & producer 1999-2000)
Olivas Adobe Music Under the Stars
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Ojai Day 2003 - 2015
Ventura Art Walk
City of Ventura 4th of July Street Fair
Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive Instructor 2009
Tribal Fest Instructor 2003
Portland Community College Instructor 2005-2007
City of Ventura 1999-2004
Ojai Department of Recreation 1999-2003
Ventura Community College 1999-2004
Loma Vista Middle School
Vesselo Festival (Eugene Oregon folk dance festival)
Various Multi-cultural events at Ventura and Oxnard schools
University of California, Santa Barbara
(UCSB) Middle Eastern Music Ensemble 1991-1993
Ojai Pirate Festival
Santa Barbara Renaissance Fair

Turkish Roman Bellydance &
Traditional Folkloric bellydance &
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Ventura Tribal Basics Class - American Tribal Fusion (ATS / ITS)
Learn Tribal Style Bellydance. Based-on the linneages of ATS, ITS, Black Sheep, Rachel Brice, Carolene Nericcio, John Compton, Suhaila Salimpour.
All Levels Welcome Beginner - Advanced.
please e-mail for info.

Ojai Advanced Class - Turkish Roman Fusion Bellydance
Learn traditional, authentic Turkish Romani (Gypsy) dance. Mostly 9/8 Contemporary Urban style, historic style, and some modern Tribal Fusion. Prior dance experience recommended, please e-mail for info.

Other topics: Classic Turkish & Greek Bellydance
Learn traditional Tsiftetelli (Chiftetelli) the bellydance of Greece and Turkey. Also "Oryantal" Turkish style bellydance and some "vintage revival" tribal fusion to historic Greek music of the 1920s.
Prior dance experience recom
mended, please e-mail for info

Photo courtesy Eye de Leo Photography / Leo Hernandez

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