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Near East Dance

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Site:  441 East Ojai Avenue
Ojai, CA 93023
12:00 - 7:00 p.m.
$10  General Admission
$5.00 children 12 & under / $5 seniors

Performer Information

We are accepting applications for 2015 waitlist
Says Kris Oster of Santa Barbara:
"This is the most imaginative and FUN bellydance festival that I've ever participated in and attended."

2015 Special Theme Set: Alchemy
Finale with Twisted Gypsy & Drummers

Please e-mail us if you need an application

Backstage check-in:
15 minutes before performance time.

Stage:  10' x 15' wood-floor raised stage

Recorded Music:  iPod, CD, or MP3 Files.
For iPod or CD - Make dedicated playlist.

Ojai Bellydance Festival welcomes all styles of bellydance ... from Tribal to Traditional, Folkloric to Fusion, Cabaret to Tribaret and everything in between.

Please e-mail application request to OjaiBDfest@gmail.com
All performers please sign liability waiver at the festival

2015 Performer Line-up


Opening & Greeting  
  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Set  
  Twisted Gypsy Student Troupe, LA  
  Ann Visoky, Solo, SB  
  Troupe Hasina, Santa Maria  
  Desert Coast Dancers, Cayucos  
  Crystal Indigo, Troupe, Santa Barbara song 1  
  Jennifer Biswas & Friends, ITS troupe, Culver City  
  Lisa Beck & Students, Bollywood, SB  

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm set

  Tribal Gallop, Sta Ynez, Drum & Tribal  
  Genavieve & Allison, Duet, Ventura  
  Veronica Herrera, Solo, Ventura  
  Eleshava Dance Troupe, Woodland Hills  
  Janet Chiapetta, Solo, Ventura  
  Calliope Troupe  
  Lokahi, Hawaiian Style Troupe, SLO  
  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm set  
  Genisa, Solo, SB  
  JaMun, Troupe, Tribal Fusion  
  Michelle Tyrell, Solo, Ojai  
  Tribe Elation, Troupe, SLO  
  Alia, Indian Fusion Solo, Hollywood  
  Ya'Ayuni Folkloric Troup dir. Cris Basimah  
  Desert Lotus Tribal, Troupe, Palmdale  
  Irina Irem, solo LA  
  3:00 pm - 4:00pm set  
  Vitalia Troupe, Bakersfield  
  Celeste, Solo, Oxnard  
  Opal Aura, Troupe, Oxnard  
  Laura Johnson, solo, Ventura  
  Tribal Conspiracy, SLO  
  Nilay, Solo, Turkish, Bakersfield  
  Crystal Indigo, Troupe, SB song #2  
  Loretta Mitchell  
  Sirens of Sapphire Moon, Troupe, SB  
  4:00 pm - 5:00pm set  
  Thamina, solo  
  Kali Sundari & Spirited Sapphires Troupe  
  Vanessa, Solo, Oxnard  
  Dokuz Sekiz & Student Troupe, Ojai  
  Krischana, solo, Santa Ynez  
  Tandava Troupe, Newbury Park  
  Kristina of Acacia Mansion, Solo, Ojai  
  Aphrodite's Daughter, Troupe, Ventura  
  5:00pm - 6:00pm set  
  Danse Du Ventre & Student Troupe  
  Jen O, solo, Ventura  
  Blue Moon Haven  
  Cris Basima & Ya'Ayuni troupe & solo, SB  
  Judeen Troupe, Santa Ynez  
  Zultanite, Troupe, Bakersfield  
  Alexandra King, SB, Solo  
  6:00pm - 8:00pm Alchemy Set & Finale  
  Chemistry Experiment:
A Dance Troupe by Danse Du Ventre
  Quetzalcoatl by Kashmir Isis  
  Dead Can Dance by Jatila  
  Alexandra in Wonderland  
  Talkin' Smack by Dokuz Sekiz  
  Fire & Ice by Sakuntala  
  The Egyptian Spice Market by She-enedra  
  Equinox by Marjhani Bellamorte  
  Twisted Gypsy & Twisted Drummers  
  ALL TRIBES DANCE JAM w/ drummers  


Student Solo: 3-5 minutes

Professional Solo: 5-7 minutes

Student Duet: 5-7 minutes

Professional Duet 8-10 minutes

Student Troupe (3 or more): 10 minutes

Professional Troupe (3 or more) 12-15 minutes

Alchemy Set: 3-6 minutes (Themed - by invitation only)

Ojai Belly dance Festival welcomes all styles and skill levels.   Questions? Contact the producer

***To be fair to all performers, please respect time limits.  If your act runs overtime, we will fade your music and bring on the next act***

Thank you for your co-operation.

Live Music for dancers:
If you are a band, please indicate this on your performer application so that we can schedule you accordingly.

Recorded Music:

iPOD:  DJ prefers iPods!  Please have dedicated playlist appear FIRST in your iPod
(i.e. name the playlist "001DancerorTroupeName")

CD:  Please label CD with your NAME (or troupe name) and your performance TIME.
Routine must start on track #1 and run continuously.
The DJ will not "skip" tracks on your CD or iPod

Dress & Costuming:
We welcome the avant garde, the alternative, and the cutting edge, however ...
1.  We do NOT wish to see nipples either male or female
2.  We do NOT wish to see your butt crack or pubes
3.  We do NOT wish to see your underpants

Conduct & Material:
Day Show - Please keep it tasteful and G-rated. 
Use "clean" versions of Lyrics Advisory songs.
Night Show - go ahead ... cuss all you want.  R-rated ok

Please do NOT touch members of the audience or infringe upon their personal space

Performer admission is $2 voluntary donation
Please pay at the door ... do not send payment with your application.  This voluntary contribution makes renting the Women's Club building possible.  Your contribution helps keep the festival at this site.

Performer Video & Video ethics
We don't book an "official" videographer but encourage you to contact Roger Hendrix on Facebook. Roger has the only tripod set-up. Feel free to bring your own handheld camera. Please respect the privacy of others and video only with permission. 
Please Do Not block audience view.
NO TRIPODS. If you use a tripod you will be asked to purchase a $10 admission ticket for your tripod.

2015 Performer Waitlist: